Jute net

Jute net can be used for different decoration furfoses. For example for flower and herb arrangaments. Gardeners usually use it to protect root blocks. While transporting juta net's decomposure is estimated for about two months. It also used to wrap around trees' bark indrer to anold it beeing demaged, It also protects the bark from sunbeam in winter.

You can choose the juta net in any colour

Available sizes: from 40cm to 200cm(every 10 cm). Jute net is available in beams at 100 meters or in square sheets.

Jute felt

Jute felt has a wide range of use, from packing( bags and sacks) to applications in gardening (and fruitgrowing).

Available width: 160cm, 160cm and 200cm.
In our offer we also have jute felt out into these sizes: 12x12cm , 15x15cm, 18x18cm, and 20x20cm.

We are fible to produce other sizes in needed.

Baskets for winding root system

Baskets for winding root system allow to keep a larger mass of roots. Also quarantee abetter condition newly planted trees.What is more espacially during the transport.

Baskets are available with these diameters: 300cm, 400cm, 500cm, 650cm, 750cm, 850cm, 950cm, 1100cm, 1400cm, 1700cm and 2000cm

Final product

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